"The allure of the wilderness and adventure took me, almost unconsciously, to choose a profession which has led me into the heart of many wild and secret places. I seek for the beauty of nature and culture; trying to convey in my photos those given moments when nature seems to explode and everything takes on a new meaning."

Céline Frers was born in Buenos Aires in 1982. She lived her early childhood on her family farm. She studied cinematography at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and the New York Institute of Photography in New York. When she completed her studies she travelled round the world carrying out photographic work in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
Upon her return to Argentina, she resumed her work in cinematography until she published her first book, Colores de Corrientes. From then on she has focused entirely on still photography. Later came the books: Cielos Patagonicos, Tierra de Gauchos, and Patagonia Sur. Céline has held exhibitions in Europe, United States, and Latin America. Her projects currently include traveling to the most secluded places to gather material for her upcoming books and Fine Art Photography collection.